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Hands-on Certificate Course in Scalp-Micro Pigmentation(SMP)

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Hands-on Certificate Course in Scalp-Micro Pigmentation(SMP)
International Institute of Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine (IICSAM) has been founded with an Aim to impart basic and Advanced Knowledge and training about Cosmetic Surgery, Aesthetic Medicine, Laser, Hair Transplant procedures and Scalp Micro Pigmentation.

It also aims to give training to Hair Transplant and Laser technicians.

As there is a lacunae of proper training in these fields, we have made an effort provide comprohensive training in this field to all those interested in learning that.

Candidates may opt to take a Multiple Choice Question Exams Before and after the Course.

Smart Classes ® and Advanced ARS (Automated Response System) will be used for more interactive sessions for all kind of training Courses.

Hands-on practises are the most sought after sessions of all the courses.


Certificate Hands-on Scalp Micro Pigmentation Training Courses in India(SMP)

Duration of course: 2 days
Conducted once a month

Eligibility for the course :

Course fee: 60,000/-INR

Scalp Micro-pigmentation (SMP) is actually a hair tattoo which can be used to camouflage thin hair, give a shaven look to a bald patient or to disguise bad FUT Scars. It is superb for botched up Hair Transplants as well if they are too short of donor’s hairs. Sometimes it is the only long-term answer for patients who are unsuitable for transplantation.

SMP (Scalp Micro-pigmentation, Scalp Tattooing) is so realistic that it can give instant results which helps them boost up their confidence.

The course will have Lectures and Live Demonstration on the first day and Hands-on on patients on the second day. IICSAM also aims to provide the Best Hair Transplant Training Courses and Scalp Micro Pigmentation Training Courses in India.


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Hands-on Certificate Course in Scalp-Micro Pigmentation(SMP)

The Hands-on course in  Scalp-Micro Pigmentation(SMP) or Scalp Tattooing is designed to teach the art and skill of Scalp Micro Pigmentation which gives impression of scalp full of tiny hair.

If done in between the hair, it improves the density and decreases see through appearance of the scalp.

On Bad FUT Scars, it camouflages them.

In severely bald men, it gives the whole of head a shaven look.



How can SMP be used by a SMP Practitioner?
  1. Male and female pattern hair loss
  2. Receding hairlines / hairline restoration
  3. Crown hair-loss
  4. Head injury
  5. Camouflaging scars and burns
  6. Densification
  7. Density enhance in combination with transplantation
  8. Alopecia conditions
  9. Damaged hair due to hair systems
  10. In conjunction with surgery if not enough donor hair available
  11. As a non-surgical alternative
  12. Scalp enhancement – for the ‘buzz cut’
  13. look by choice
Why Choose SMP?
  • It is minimally invasive
  • Immediate result
  • Cost effective
  • Effectively no maintenance

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